Japan approves plans to build country’s first casino

By Harry Kemble
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Plans to build Japan’s first casino have been approved, seven years after the country ended its ban.

The ¥1.8tn (£10.86 billion) casino complex in the western port city of Osaka (pictured) will feature restaurants, shops and entertainment facilities. It is expected to be completed in 2029.

Up to 20 million domestic and overseas visitors are expected to use the complex every year.

The Guardian reports senior politicians supported the project and rejected demands for a local referendum on the complex.

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said the complex would become ‘a tourism base that will disseminate the charm of Japan to the world’.

Japan lifted its long-term ban on casino operators in 2016.

However, Japanes citizens will have to pay a ¥6,000 (£36) fee every 24 hours they spend in the casino in a move designed to address gambling addiction concerns.

A 2021 government survey found 2.8 million people – around 2.2% of the population – were affected by gambling addiction.

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