Italy strikes could hit flights on Saturday

By Harry Kemble
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Unions representing workers in Italy’s air transport sector are striking this Saturday (15 July), prompting fears that flights to and from Italy will be delayed or cancelled.

Air traffic controllers, airline ground handlers, check-in staff and air crews for Malta Air, which also operates Ryanair flights, and Vueling, will all walk out.

Malta Air is a low-cost start-up airline and a subsidiary of Ryanair.

On Saturday, airport ground staff will strike nationwide from 10:00 to 18:00, while air traffic controllers represented by the ENAV union will strike for 24 hours.

Pilots at Malta Air and Vueling will also strike on Saturday.

Italy’s civil aviation authority ENAC has assured travellers that flights are guaranteed during strikes from 07:00 and 18:00, Italian media reports.

The strike action is over pay and working conditions.

Flights over Italian airspace could also be cancelled or delayed, The Times reports.

A Ryanair spokesperson said: “Ryanair has comprehensive collective agreements in place covering all its pilots across Europe, including the national representative unions for pilots in Italy.

“[Ryanair] expects no participation of its Italy based pilots and cabin crew during the national transport strikes this Saturday.”

European air management agency Eurocontrol is also proposing strike action, but it has not yet confirmed any dates when its air traffic controllers will walk out.

Eurocontrol’s planned strike action is separate to the Italian aviation sector strikes on Saturday.

Last week, Eurocontrol told Travel Gossip that it was making ‘every effort to keep negotiations open and to find a constructive way forward’.

Travel Gossip has also contacted Vueling to find out how Saturday’s strikes will affect flights.

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