Intrepid confirms National Travel Agent Day WILL go ahead this Saturday

By Linsey McNeill
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Intrepid has reversed its decision to postpone National Travel Agent Day (NTAD) after it was told that companies had already planned activities for this coming weekend.

NTAD, which was launched by Intrepid in 2020 to celebrate and support travel agents, has traditionally been held on the week that schools and England and Wales break up for the summer.

However, Intrepid announced yesterday that it was moving the date to 8 September this year, saying it thought too many people would be on holiday in July now that travel patterns have returned to normal.

But General Manager UK & Europe Hazel McGuire later said the day would be held on 22 July after all, adding: “We have been moved by messages today telling us how much activity is already planned for National Travel Agent Day this weekend.”

“ Having said all along the event was not an Intrepid day but an industry day, we have made the decision that the show must go on.

“As a result, our initial decision to move the date to September will now take effect from next year, after taking account feedback that the July date wasn’t as easy to accommodate now travel is back. We look forward to celebrating agents with offers this weekend, on the 22 July.”  

NTAD will move to September in 2024.

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