Inspire homeworkers to get January commission before Christmas

By Lisa James
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Inspire has told its homeworkers they’ll get commission that’s due in January in their bank accounts before Christmas.

Managing Director Lisa Henning said the rise in the cost of the living had led to group to guarantee Independent Travel Associates will get early commission payments ‘to help them over the festive period’.

They’ll also get a bespoke personal market budget funded by the company to help sell holidays during Peaks.

Inspire’s 25 ITAs were told the news at the company’s first homeworker conference last week, in Birmingham.

Lisa said: “We have been building our team of homeworkers for the past 18 months and wanted to bring them together for a business update, as well as spend some quality time together preparing for Peaks.

“We feel it’s vital this year that the team are using this time in the build-up to January as wisely as possible in preparation for what we hope will be a busy time.  It’s hard to know what the market will be like for Peaks this year, but we are feeling positive and throwing everything we have in ensuring we are ready.”

 She continued: “The conference was a great opportunity to announce that we are making upfront commission payments ahead of Christmas to help with cash flow, which was really well received.

“Not only that, but also a bespoke marketing budget for each of the homeworkers to help them bolster their marketing activities during January and February. It’s a tough time for everyone currently and we want to show our support to the team as much as we can.”

Homeworker Kerry Ellis, from Stay Curious Travel by Inspire, said: “Being told that we will be receiving commission before Christmas was much welcome news, as was the help Inspire will be giving us with marketing. 

“It will really help me over the Peaks period and is a clear demonstration that Inspire are a really supportive company to work with.”

A number of the Inspire Travel Associates were recognised at the event. The award for achieving the highest margin went to Ryan Anthoney; Emma Westwood was awarded for both highest number of sales and bookings; top cruise sales went to Shaun Taylor; and the outstanding achievement award went to Wendy Veal.

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