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By Lisa James
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Inspire Group has set up a new website for customers to search and book sustainable holidays.

At the same time, the company has launched a sustainable travel gift card that people can use specifically to book sustainable holidays.

The website, Sustainable Travel by Inspire, features about 5,000 hotels across major holiday destinations and many UK-based operators that offer sustainable holidays, such as Intrepid and G Adventures.

Hotels featured on the site adhere to policies set by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, and the list of tours only features those that are proven to give back to the communities they serve. 

The website also provides users with an option to offset their carbon footprint, as well as give advice on how to travel more sustainably, with links to the Sustainable Travel International website for other useful information.

Inspire Group Managing Director Lisa Henning said: “Sustainability is on the top of everyone’s agenda currently, and we feel it’s absolutely vital that we can provide our customers with sustainable holiday options.

“We have invested into developing this website where the only content that’s featured is endorsed by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, and a rigorous process has been gone through to ensure that all the products on the website are eco-friendly.

“Creating this website has been our first major step in this important area, but over time we intend to further develop it with an abundance of content, testimonials and stories on how we can all be more eco-environmentally aware when travelling.”

The Inspire Sustainable Travel Gift Card can be bought by individuals or used by companies to reward and recognise employees, or as a sales promotion tool, that can be used against sustainable travel that supports the Global Sustainable Travels guidelines.

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