India poised to reinstate eVisas for Brits

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By Neal Baldwin
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British travellers could soon be welcomed back into India’s eVisa scheme following pressure from the UK travel trade.

The change of heart is expected to come ‘within weeks or even days’, according to officials.

India suddenly changed its visa rules at the start of October, meaning visitors could no longer apply for a visa via specialist firms. Instead, travellers faced an in-person visit to one of nine processing centres.

At the time AITO warned its members stood to lose £10m of bookings from about 1,500 holidaymakers who would not be able to get visas in time for their trips.

Rakesh Kumar Verma, additional secretary at the Ministry of Tourism in India, told The Independent: “We are aware of this challenge, and it is under consideration at a very high level, and I am sure this will be addressed very soon.”

The original change to the visa regime was caused by a row between the UK and Indian governments about visa access rules for Indian nationals arriving here.

At WTM this week Indian tourism officials have been urging Brits to visit the country and stressing the need for early visa applications. However, they have privately admitted the dispute is hurting trade

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