If I was still a travel boss, I’d be frustrated, says Harriet Green

By Lisa James
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Ex-Thomas Cook boss Harriet Green has expressed sympathy for travel company chiefs who are trying to navigate their way through the current confusion over the amber list.

On Thursday night’s Question Time, Ms Green, who was Chief Executive of the group’s UK division from 2012 to 2014, said: “The confusion causes more harm than good.

“If I was the head of a travel company, I would be very frustrated in terms of you have regulations, you have a change of traffic light system, you engage with certain vacations and certain approaches. There is real frustration.”

“We have to look very carefully over the next couple of weeks about what is happening.

“There are countries that have done a tremendous job around the world who in the last couple of weeks have been forced back into a lockdown situation because of the virus being transmitted through people who are vaccinated.”

When pushed by the show’s moderator Fiona Bruce on whether holidays should go ahead this year, Ms Green said: “Those countries where all of the requirements have been met, I think people should be allowed to travel abroad, yes.”

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