Iceland’s Blue Lagoon reopens after eruption fears subside

Iceland's Blue Lagoon re-opens
By Linsey McNeill
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Iceland’s iconic Blue Lagoon has reopened, but its operating hours have been temporarily adjusted.

Also, visitors to the outdoor spa must use an alternative route due to disruptions to its primary road.

The Blue Lagoon has been forced to close three times since December due to a volcanic eruptions on the Reykjanes peninsular.

But in a statement on its website, it said: “We are happy to announce the reopening of Blue Lagoon Iceland, with all operational units now open to our guests. 

“Our facilities, including Blue Lagoon, Blue Café, the Lava and Moss restaurants, the Retreat and Silica hotels, the Retreat Spa, and our on-site store, are ready to welcome you back. “

Operating hours have been temporarily adjusted so the facilities will be open from 8:00am till 9pm, with the last possible booking at 7pm.

The Blue Lagoon added: “This reopening is a collaborative effort with local authorities, ensuring ongoing safety in light of recent seismic and volcanic events. 

“We wish to inform guests that our operational units are located within an area at risk due to seismic activity as identified by the Icelandic Meteorological Office.

“Experts continue to closely monitor the area and the ongoing developments of seismic activity through round-the-clock, real-time analysis.”

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