How to use fam trips to increase your social media engagement and sales leads

How to use fam trips to create sales leads
By Linsey McNeill
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Former homeworker and travel blogger Kate Holroyd admits that, even as an experienced travel marketeer, it can be hard to find the time for social media posts while on a fam trip, but she says it’s the best way to get eyes on your content and increase sales leads.

“On my last trip to Disneyland Paris, I got double figures in sales leads from my Instagram posts. Likewise on a recent VIVA Cruises Christmas Market showcase, even though I have fewer than 1,000 followers, which proves that you don’t need a huge following to see great engagement!

So here are my seven top tips to help you raise your social media profile and get more sales. This advice focuses on Instagram but is applicable across all platforms. 

Post stories with a Call to Action

Include a link in your stories to your ‘contact us’ webpage, with a ‘book an appointment’ custom link name. Post tempting offers for the destination with a link on the story to your newsletter sign up. Save the links you’re using in a phone note to easily copy and paste.

Plan your content

Use the itinerary sent to you ahead of the trip to plan your content and prepare captions for photos and videos.

Search for relevant topics

Use the search function on TikTok to come up with relevant content ideas. Type your destination, attraction or holiday into the search bar then scroll down to see ‘Others searched for’ to find what other users are looking for.

Make AI your BFF

Simply tell an AI tool (such as ChatGPT) about your ideal customer and where you’re going and ask for a list of shots you should take to create the best Instagram reel. For example, I asked AI to come up with a shot list for each of these reels I created from my recent VIVA fam.

Location, location, location

Don’t forget to tag the location of your images and videos, which is a great way to increase the reach of your posts and get more users who don’t follow you to see them. More than half of the views on my recent stories about Cologne and Koblenz were from non-followers.

Save some hashtags

Using relevant hashtags on posts is another great way to get them seen by more people. A neat time-saving hack is to put some location and core topic and branding hashtags that you’ll use on every post into a phone note so you can just copy and paste them. 

Use your downtime wisely

I know we usually only get a little downtime on a fam trip, but, use that time for content creation. Get B-roll content, fill your gallery with as much as you can so you’ve got lots of photos and videos to use for the next few months.

The more you plan your travel, the more you’ll get from your social media content, and the more you post while you’re away, the more interest you’ll get. It’s easy to think “I want to be in the moment, I’ll post when I get back” but inevitably you’ll get sucked back into the day-to-day and all those inspiring videos and photos will remain in your phone gallery. 

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