Horse collapses while pulling tourist carriage in 40C heat

By Linsey McNeill
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A horse pulling a carriage of tourists collapsed in the centre of Palma, sparking a new debate about whether the activity should be banned.

Horrified onlookers called for water for the horse as it lay on the ground in San Carlos I Square in Palma.

They also berated the passengers for not getting down from the carriage, according to reports on social media.

The incident has led to renewed calls for horse-drawn tourist carriages to be outlawed in Palma.

They have already been banned in some other towns on the island.

Palma City Council was already considering replacing the horses with an electric alternative but the proposal has yet to be finalised.

Guillermo Amengual, President of Progreso en Verde which says horsedrawn carriage rides should be abolished, told local media: “It could have been heatstroke or the result of the animal not being suitable to be used in this way because of its age or other factors. 

He added: “We’re going to denounce this because it’s the third time something similar has happened in the last two months and we have to get to the bottom of what’s happened.” 

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