Hong Kong to hold UK arrivals in quarantine centre

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By Linsey McNeill
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Hong Kong has tightened its entry rules for arrivals from the UK due to the rise in Omicron cases in Britain.

From tomorrow, arrivals at Hong Kong international airport will have to spend the first four days of a mandatory 21-day quarantine in a government-run quarantine centre.

They will also have to take daily tests and will be monitored.

They will be sent to the same Penny’s Bay Quarantine Centre where a number of British Airways’ and Virgin Atlantic crew were held last month after they were on flights from which one crew member tested positive.

BA subsequently suspended its flights to Hong Kong.

After four days at the quarantine centre, arrivals from the UK will have to spend another 17 days at a quarantine hotel, where they will be required to undergo further testing, followed by seven days of self-monitoring.

Only fully vaccinated Hong Kong residents are allowed to travel from the UK to Hong Kong, with a limited number of exceptions.

Travellers must also provide a negative PCR COVID test.  

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