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An agent who set her sights on expanding her business by next year has exceeded her target following a successful recruitment drive.

Earlier this year, Britt-Marie Monks, owner of The Holiday Fixer, told Travel Gossip she wanted to take on up to 10 homeworkers by next April.

In fact, after a successful recruitment drive, entitled ‘Become a Holiday Fixer’, through recruitment agencies that largely target mums getting back into work, she has seen the business grow in preparation for peaks with a total of 17 new members, including one dad.

Britt-Marie said: “I looked into two recruitment companies – Working Mums and Successful Mums – for those looking to get back into work. I took out my first advert in August and had more than 450 applications. I decided to host webinars and got down to 10 women who came onboard for a three-month mentorship, which has just finished.

“Of the 10, seven have decided to stay on and are ready for January and are taking bookings and doing supplier training.

“I then had another 10 join in September time who are in the middle of their training – so we have 17 new homeworkers and 24 of us in total.  I have also had our very first dad join us. He is a semi-retired accountant who has always loved to travel.”

Britt-Marie has largely taken on homeworkers from outside of the industry and they include former personal and executive assistants, members of the emergency services and those with a corporate background.

She added: “We are all home-based but I now have Fixers around the country, from Scotland to the south west. I am also in talks with a lady in Switzerland to join us.”

The company works as a franchise, but agents aren’t charged high set up fees and are given all their training as well support to work on their own business plans.

Gemma Perry who has worked as a Holiday Fixer for a number of years has stepped up into a BDM role to help with training and recruitment.

Britt-Marie has is now pausing recruitment until April so she can focus on helping current members build their businesses, however she does have the number 100 in her plan.

“I remember during the COVID period, I wrote down 100 – it’s a number I’d like to get to in the future. We are a quarter of the way there which is just fantastic,” added Britt-Marie.  

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