Homeworker Natalie, who lost everything in house fire, lands job at Travelpack

By Lisa James
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Natalie Batchelor, who was made homeless after a housefire earlier this year, has landed a job with Travelpack.

In May, Travel Gossip reported that Natalie, from Henfield, West Sussex, came home from picking her son up from a school trip to find their house on fire.

Natalie and son Archie have been in emergency accommodation since then, and Natalie recently set up a new business, Travel Different, selling accommodation and tours in Poros and the Saronic Gulf.

The product range is booked through Travelpack and, over the past few weeks since they have been working together, Travelpack Director Vishal Patel has been so impressed with Natalie that he has offered her a job.

She is now working as a part-time, permanent employee for Travelpack, as Greece Product Manager, which means she will be also be able to continue running her Travel Different business.

Natalie said: “I’ve been working very closely with Vishal and the team at Travelpack over the last 12 weeks to launch Poros and the Saronic Gulf. 

“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with such a forward-thinking team and progressive company, and after a few weeks, it became clear that we had similar work ethics and there was a lot that could be achieved if I had a more official role.”

Vishal said: “After our initial agreement, we spoke frequently to get things set up quickly, after each conversation and meeting, it was evident Natalie displayed great knowledge, passion and a great hard work ethos.

“Not only that but she was extremely proactive, took the time to understand how Travelpack worked and quickly adapted her approach. It was easy and a real pleasure working with her.

“It was a no brainier for me, I wanted Natalie to join Travelpack, I called her, we had a great chat and I am now very excited to welcome Natalie to the team.”

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