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By Linsey McNeill
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Homeworking group Holidaysplease has made a modest ‘five figure’ profit for the first time since COVID.

Director Charles Duncombe said he was ‘a little surprised’ when he heard.

The profit is recorded in the company’s August 2021 accounts.

Mr Duncombe said Holidaysplease has spent a ‘huge’ amount of money during the pandemic to maintain its brand and customer goodwill.

“We didn’t make anyone redundant and in fact we took on people.

“We see this extra cost as a sensible investment, as we now have over £30m of forward business booked which is double where we’d expect to be in a normal year. The commission on these bookings should cover all our losses, provided it travels of course.”

Commenting on the August profit, he said:  “I was a little surprised when our in-house accountant gave me the figures. I did ask her whether she had simply run out of red ink! 

“Luckily it proved to be correct thanks to departures at long last picking up at the start of the autumn.”

Mr Duncombe said sales in September had ‘marginally’ exceeded 2019,  but October sales are running ‘well ahead’ of this time last year.

Holidaysplease recently announced it is looking to recruit more homeworkers and it is willing to temporarily take on staff from other agencies.

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