Holidays top 2023 spending wishlist, new research shows

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By Lisa James
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Holidays are top of the list of most important things people plan to spend on next year – despite concerns over the cost of living.

In a survey among 2,000 people conducted in mid-November, 86% said having a holiday is a priority, 70% said they will prioritise a holiday over other expenditure in their yearly budget for next year and 66% said going on holiday will be their most important spend next year.

The research was carried out by easyJet and coincides with the announcement of the company’s full-year results.

EasyJet CEO Johan Lundgren summed up the findings of the survey by saying: “Travel is one of life’s greatest pleasures and we know that holidays are important to people.”

His comment is backed up by the fact 83% of respondents say a holiday is crucial to their emotional wellbeing.

To prioritise their holiday, people will be cutting back on other discretionary spend, such as eating out (46%) or new clothes (40%) and on big purchases such as new cars or home improvements (33%).

Three-quarters of people said a holiday is one of their most important plans for next year.

Around half of respondents said they still plan to go on the same number of holidays that they usually plan for and spend the same amount, while around a quarter of people plan to go on more and spend more on holidays compared to last year.

Half of Brits are planning on taking at least one holiday in 2023, while almost a third plan to take at least two.

Consumers are also looking at the way they travel to prioritise a holiday, with two thirds of people saying they are more likely to book with a low-cost carrier (66%), while three quarters of people are more likely to fly short haul instead long haul (74%) and holiday in closer-to-home destinations in Europe (70%).

The majority (80%) also believed that holidaying in the UK can be more expensive than abroad. 

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