Holidaymakers warned of extreme heat in the US as some states see highs of 100F+

US heatwave
By Linsey McNeill
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The Foreign Office is warning that ‘extreme heat’ is affecting many parts of the US and urged visitors to check the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for advice on protection.

The update to the FCDO travel advice for the US came after a plane-load of passengers at Las Vegas airport had to be evacuated due to heat-related health issues.

Several passengers passed out, according to a report in The Independent, and had to be stretched off the Delta Air Lines plane.

The flight was waiting in a long queue to take off from Harry Reid airport in temperatures of 111F when the pilot informed passengers it would be turning around due to emergencies.

A Fox TV producer said some passengers fainted and other soiled themselves, while cabin crew issued oxygen tanks to those struggling to breathe.

A heatmap of the US, produced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, shows that Nevada where Las Vegas is located was one of several US states experiencing highs of more than 100F on Wednesday this week.

The highest temperatures were in Arizona, where the mercury reached 115F.

Parts of California, Nevada Utah and New Mexico have seen temperatures of over 100F, while in Florida the maximum recorded was 93F on Wednesday.

Map produced by CDC, figures show number of heat-related incidents

The FCDO has also issued extreme heat warnings for part of the Mediterranean, including Spain, Greece and Italy, where temperatures are unusually high, and in Mexico.

However, Advantage Travel Partnership said this week that the heat has not deterred holiday bookings, contrary to media reports.

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