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By Lisa James
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Miles Morgan Travel boss Miles Morgan says recent reports that holiday prices are up an average of 9% are short of the mark.

Miles who owns 20 shops in Wales and the South West, told BBC Radio Wiltshire: “Everything we sell has gone up roughly 10% in the last year.”

He was responding to a question from presenter Ben Prater, who’d read holiday prices had risen by up to 9% over the past year.

“For us, it’s slightly more – probably 10% across the board,” said Miles.

He said concerns about price increases and the cost of living has not dampened demand.

“We have had 17 record months in a row in our 16-year history,” Miles told the presenter.

“June will be another record. There’s been no drop in demand. Two years of COVID removed people’s ability to take a holiday and people are really going for it.”

Miles also described a recent report by Which? that it could be cheaper to book an 11-night holiday rather than 10 as ‘nonsense’.

He said there may be the odd instance when that might be the case but said the best way consumers could get more for their money was ‘flexibility’.

“My advice would be look for different dates around the ideal date – see if the day before is cheaper,” Miles said.

Finally, he said there are ‘two ends’ to the interest rate rise, with savers finding they have more money to spend, while some of those with mortgages are looking at ways to bring holiday costs down.

“Some people are coming in to us and trading up to five-star holidays instead of four. At the other end, it’s about boxing clever – can we do 13 nights instead of 14, or trade down to a three-star instead of a four,” added Miles.

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