‘Hilarious’ meme puts cruise queen in government

By Catherine Eade
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Former cruise ship entertainer and TV presenter Jane McDonald has been fending off congratulations from friends and fans on her ‘new appointment as Secretary of State for Cruise Ships and Entertainment’.

The singer, who presents the Channel 5 series Cruising with Jane McDonald, posted a picture of herself with the joke job title on Twitter.

“This is hilarious! A number of people have got in touch to congratulate me on this – just to confirm that it isn’t real. Someone put it on social media as a joke!”, she wrote.

The meme has been doing the rounds on Facebook and has now been widely shared on Twitter.

Hundreds of Twitter users replied to Jane and shared her post, with many saying she would be ‘perfect for the role’ – if it existed.

iankj tweeted, “But if only it was true Jane. You’d certainly brighten up the cabinet…” and JacquiS added: “At least we would have some laughter, the current clowns in government give us little of that.”

Others thanked the entertainer for the ‘clarification’.

Well, stranger things have happened.

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