Advantage dismisses reports Brits are cancelling holidays as heatwave warning is extended

By Lisa James
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The UK Foreign Office has issued extreme heat warnings to travellers visiting Spain and Greece as temperatures continue to rise.

The FCDO update says extreme temperatures are affecting many areas of the two countries and warned forest fires could occur.

It advised holidaymakers to visit the Spanish Meteorological Office (AEMET) website; the Greek Meteorological Service or the European Meteorological Services site for latest information.

It also advises Brits to check with their travel provider and follow advice of local authorities.

The latest FCDO advice, issued on Monday, follows an earlier update for Italy, where red alerts are in place in 16 cities.

Despite the sweltering high temperatures in parts of Europe, there is no evidence British holidaymakers are cancelling summer breaks, according to Advantage Travel Partnership.

At the weekend, the Guardian reported some people had ‘reconsidered travel plans or adjusted itineraries’, with one customer saying she’d hoped to go to Greece but had decided instead to travel to Barcelona, where it was cooler.

Since then, Metro has reported a ‘race to cancel holidays before second searing heatwave grips Europe’, while the Mail reports: “Britons begin cancelling travel plans as Europe burns in Cerberus heatwave.”

But Advantage CEO Julia Lo-Bue-Said said: “Despite the heatwave across Europe, the demand for travel is showing no sign of slowing down with thousands of Brits preparing for summer holidays as the schools break up.

“Across the Advantage membership we have not seen cancellations as a result of the heatwave and we do not expect it to see travellers deciding not to travel due to the weather, particularly with the Met Office forecasting a month of rain for the UK.”

She added travellers should stay safe, follow local guidance and stay hydrated.

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