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By Linsey McNeill
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Hays Travel is planning a ‘really powerful’ peaks campaign, including TV adverts starting on Boxing Day.

It will also advertise on radio, in newspapers including the Telegraph, on digital platforms such as Mail Online, and on social media, plus it will send mail-outs to 250,000 existing customers.

The campaign will also run on digital screens being installed in all 467 Hays shops by Christmas.

“In January, Hays Travel will be everywhere, everyone will see Hays Travel, everyone will see our campaign,” said Head of Marketing Sophie Tunnah.

Explaining why Hays was planning such a big campaign in the face of a cost of living crisis, Chair Dame Irene said: “Whatever the world events are, we believe that the last 2.5 years have demonstrated that our customers still want to book holidays with us, and we are going to be prepared.”

Revealing that the company had ‘thought long and hard about its strategy, she said: “Research shows 73% of people don’t plan to change their holiday plans next year. The intention to travel is incredibly strong.

“We can only control what we can control, and we can sit on our hands and not spend any money, but once the Christmas peak booking period is gone it will be gone for another 12 months.”

Hays’ own staff will feature in the campaign, to add authenticity. Further details of the content have not been publicly released but Dame Irene said: “We can mount a really powerful campaign with authenticity because authenticity is what John (Hays) built the business on.”

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