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By Lisa James
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Havila Voyages has cancelled more sailings on its third ship, Havila Polaris, while delivery of the next ship, Havila Pollux, has been delayed.

The cruise line said on Thursday it has had to reschedule Havila Polaris’ first voyage for 7 April, because of delays in getting a licence from the Irish central bank.

In a statement, Havila said: “Due to uncertainty when Havila Voyages will receive the licence from the Irish central bank, the company has decided to cancel the departures from Bergen planned for 5, 16 and 27 March 2023.

“The company has decided to postpone the start-up of Havila Polaris until 7 April 2023.

“Also, Tersan shipyard has announced delayed delivery of Havila Pollux due to force majeure after the earthquake disaster in Turkey.”

Managing Director Bent Martini described the situation as ‘frustrating’, adding: “This is very regrettable for our customers, the Norwegian authorities with whom we have an agreement, our partners, the coastal communities and employees.

“This is a situation and process that we are not in control over and that we need to find a solution to.

“We need to release security and debt on our coastal cruise ships, and do not have the opportunity to take delivery of the completed Havila Polaris before the formalities are arranged.

“The processes have been more time-consuming than both our advisers and we could have predicted, and we can only wait for a clarification.

“We are doing our utmost to become fully operational along the Norwegian coast… but regrettably still have to await clarifications that give us the opportunity to do so in line with current sanction regulations”.

Affected passengers will be offered a refund, the opportunity to transfer to a later departure date on Havila Polaris, or to travel on one of the line’s two ships that are currently in operation, Havila Capella or Havila Castor.

Havila said delivery of Havila Pollux has been postponed until the end of April and the new ship’s first round-trip sailing will be 27 May.

Mr Martini said: “The devastating earthquake disaster in Turkey and Syria has hit hard, and at the Tersan shipyard a large number of shipyard workers, and many who work with Havila Pollux, have travelled to assist in the disaster areas.

“We fully understand the situation Tersan is in as a result of this and have great sympathy for everyone affected after this tragic natural disaster.”

Havila announced at the end of last year it was cancelling four cruises on Havila Polaris because of financing issues.

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