Have you tried Gold Medal’s new online Service Hub yet?

By Lisa James
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Gold Medal says the online system it recently introduced has proved a popular alternative to agents waiting on the phone with non-urgent queries.

The Service Hub was launched in September and, in October, the number of agents using it increased 80% month-on-month.

The hub can be used to access a variety of information and tips to help agents get answers to non-urgent questions and this is helping to drive down call waiting times and free up operational staff to provide assistance to agents with more complex enquiries.

Accessible via the ‘Agent Tools’ tab on the Goldmedal.co.uk homepage toolbar, the Service Hub contains post-booking support, contact information for Gold Medal’s Service Teams, links to the latest travel and airline information, terms and conditions, guides to documentation, contact forms and much more.

Through it, agents can also seek and receive quotes for flight cancellations and amendments.

The purpose-built area enables agents to send any non-urgent requests, questions and queries via an online form direct to the service teams, with a guaranteed response time of 48 hours.

Service Hubs for the dnata Travel Group B2B specialist brands, Pure Luxury and Cruise Plus are also accessible via the Gold Medal homepage in the same way, with enquiries relating to Incredible Journeys dealt with via the Gold Medal hub.

Dnata Travel Group UK Service Director, Kath Sharples said: “This Service Hub joins the others we have already set up as just one of the ways we’re working to reduce the time agents are spending to get their questions answered.

“As a result of this, and other process innovations, we’ve significantly reduced the time it takes us to turn around customer service messages.

“Our Service Hubs mean agents can get answers to a variety of non-urgent queries themselves, including those relating to flight cancellations and amendments – which remain a particular pinch point due to ongoing fluidity in airline capacity and schedules.

“Instead of waiting on the phone, completing a simple form will ensure we get back to them within 48 hours.

“We’re always trying to think of ways to make agents’ lives as easy as possible. It’s great to see more and more of them utilising the hubs so our team can provide support where it is needed most, and where their skills, experience and knowledge can really add value.”

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