Half of British adults say they’ll take at least two holidays next year

By Lisa James
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Half of Brits plan two or more holidays in 2022 and many people intend to spend more on their getaway than they did in 2019.

Some of those are the 20% of the population who told the 2021 WTM Industry Report that they’re better off than they were before the pandemic and have money to burn.

A third (29%) told pollsters they planned a couple of holidays – including short breaks as well as longer vacations – while 11% said they were hoping to take three. Almost one in 10 (9%) said they were planning to take more than three holidays. Just 16% don’t plan to go anywhere next year.

When it comes to holiday spending plans, 43% intend to spend more than in 2019 and less than one in 10 (9%) said they would spend less than 2019’s budget.

Almost one in six (17%) told the survey they would spend significantly more than 2019 – by a margin of at least 20% – while a quarter (26%) estimated they would spend slightly more – up to 20% above 2019.

A third said they would spend about the same as before the pandemic.

Meanwhile, one in five of the 1,000 people responding to the WTM Industry Report 2021 said they are better off than they were pre-COVID, when outgoings were higher.

And more than half of them will use the extra cash to splash out on a holiday next year.

WTM London Exhibition Director Simon Press said: “This is music to the travel industry’s ears. A lucky one in five of the UK now find themselves financially better off than they were before COVID, because they have ‘accidental savings’ and lower household debt.

“People have been largely stuck indoors for many months on end and this research shows us they are sick of the sight of their four walls.

“Rather than spend money on home improvements or a shiny new washing machine, they just want to get out and about and make the most of life now restrictions are easing. What better way to get away from it all than to book a holiday?”

In a separate survery, almost half (44%) of 676 travel bosses quizzed by WTM London say their 2021 bookings will reach or surpass the levels seen in 2019.

Two-fifths (42%) say booking levels next year will still lag behind 2019, while 14% are not sure or didn’t know.

WTM London takes place over the next three days (Monday 1 – Wednesday 3 November) at ExCeL – London. 

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