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By Linsey McNeill
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A technology provider to more than 250 airlines, including British Airways and Virgin Atlantic, has suffered a cyberattack.

Accelya confirmed that some of its data had been posted on a ransomware leak site following an attack on some of its systems.

The AlphV/Black Cat ransomware group claimed to have stolen emails, worker contracts and other data in last month’s attack.

Accelya told The Record that it had hired experts to ‘quarantine’ the ransomware before it could spread throughout their system.

However, Philippine Airlines (PAL) last week confirmed that passenger data from its loyalty program, which is hosted by Accelya, has been accessed in a cyberattack.

It said the cybersecurity incident ‘impacted personal information of some of Mabuhay Miles members which is limited to members’ name, date of birth, nationality, gender, join date, tier level and points balance.’

PAL said it had been assured by Accelya that membership passwords, flight itineraries, passport numbers, ticket numbers, contact details and credit card information wasn’t stolen.

It suggested that members might want to change their Mabuhay Miles passwords ‘out of an abundance of caution’.

The airline added: “Accelya has assured us that immediate and necessary action were undertaken in order to contain the incident. In fact, Accelya confirmed that it has stopped the spread of the malware and that further security measures will be put in place to prevent a similar incident from happening in their systems.”

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