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By Lisa James
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Off Broadway Travel, the independent agency in Grant Shapps’ constituency, has finally had confirmation he will visit.

The team, based in Welwyn village, have been waiting for weeks for confirmation of a meeting with the Transport Secretary after tweeting an invite back in early May.

Staff received an email on Monday from Mr Shapps’ office to say he plans to visit in July.

Partner Paul Rice said: “We’re looking forward to it. As we don’t know how long we have got to spend with him, we want to maximise our time and are compiling a list of questions and points that we want to put to him.

“We just want to show him over the last 16 months what we have had to deal with and the fact that all our clients are worried about their bookings.”

One of the things Mr Rice says he will bring up is the ‘throwaway’ method Mr Shapps used to announce changes to the traffic light system last week.

“Everyone knew it was going to happen. We had clients saying they would wait to hear. We were sat here ‘til gone 7pm waiting for an announcement and when it came, it was via a tweet, which seemed a throwaway way to make the announcement.”

The team wants other agents to let them know what questions they would like Mr Shapps to answer when he visits.

“It’s not just about us. We are all in this together and we all have our questions. We’re doing it for everybody,” added Mr Rice.


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