Shapps laughs at ‘incredibly complicated’ PLFs

By Steve Jones
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Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has joked how the passenger locator form is ‘ridiculously complicated’ as he confirmed plans to simplify the paperwork.

Speaking to Sky News this morning, Mr Shapps acknowledged the complex nature of the government-mandated documents, laughing as he did so.

Asked about relaxing the testing regime from 11 February Mr Shapps admitted it ‘had been a long time coming’.

“You’ll now be able to just come home,” he said. “The only thing we ask you to do is fil out a passenger locator form which, by the way, we are going to simplify….it’s ridiculously complicated to work your way through it.”

Mr Shapps laughed as he conceded how tricky it has been for thousands of holidaymakers.

“You’ll fill out a passenger locator form and that’s it.” he added. “No quarantine, no tests and all that cost will drop away.”   

Meanwhile, The Times reported this morning that the definition of fully vaccinated – currently people who are double jabbed – will mean those who have also received the booster jab.

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