Govt considers allowing weddings on British-flagged cruise ships

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By Lisa James
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The UK Government is reportedly considering changing rules to allow weddings on British-registered cruise ships.

Currently, only marriages on foreign-flagged ships are allowed, but the Mail on Sunday reports the Government is looking to change the rules, partly to boost the UK cruise sector.

The MoS described the proposals as ‘a great post-pandemic fillip for the UK cruise sector, as well as for British ports, as on-board weddings are big business’.

It says the new proposals would ‘follow the existing Law Commission review of the Marriage and Partnership Act due to be published in July’.

Some ships, such a Cunard and several P&O ships, offer weddings because they are registered outside of the UK.

Others, such as Fred Olsen and Marella, offer renewal of vows.

A P&O Cruises spokeswoman told the MoS: “We would welcome the opportunity to offer weddings on our two British-flagged ships as weddings on our other ships are hugely popular and a wonderful way to celebrate a special day.”

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