Government vows to support cruise sector in ‘year of renewal’

By Harry Kemble
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The Government has pledged to continue supporting the cruise industry as it recovers from the COVID pandemic at a historic reception at the House of Commons.

The cross-party event, called the Cruise Industry and Government Forum, which was attended by cruise industry representatives, including CLIA UK and Ireland Managing Director Andy Harmer, was the first meeting of its kind.

In total, 25 MPs joined the forum on Wednesday (22 February) to hear about cruise lines’ contributions to local economies across the country.

Maritime Minister Baroness Vere (pictured above) said the cruise sector traditionally played a ‘vital’ role in the UK economy, before noting how the pandemic ‘halted’ its growth.

“We jointly created the Cruise Industry and Government Forum to discuss shared goals,” she said.

“Government will continue to support the growth of the sector as its enters a year of renewal.”

She added: “[The cruise sector] is a crucial part of our heritage which showcases the best the UK has to offer.”

Andy highlighted how ‘thousands’ of businesses relied on the cruise industry being successful.

“The economic benefits of cruise tourism to port cities are well documented and today was about recognising how these benefits extend beyond ports,” he said. 

“Today’s event was an important opportunity to bring together travel agent partners, cruise lines, port representatives with Government ministers, MPs, and officials, to show that we are a connected industry with an extensive and diverse supply chain, making a positive impact across the UK.” 

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