G Adventures among latest operators to axe Russia itineraries

By Lisa James
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More operators have axed itineraries to Russia in response to the conflict in Ukraine.

In addition to cancelling all tours in Russia, G Adventures says it will no longer accept bookings from Russian nationals residing inside the country or from Russian agencies.

Explore has extended the cancellation of trips to Russia for the rest of 2022. It had already cancelled tours to the country until the end of June.

Royal Caribbean has cancelled calls to St Petersburg on all summer itineraries and Viking has cancelled all 2022 departures of its Russian river cruise programme.

In an email to customers and travel partners, G Adventures CEO Bruce Poon Tip said: “Unfortunately, these sanctions and forced global isolation will impact everyday people who may not agree with — and who may even be brave enough to protest — their country’s politics. However, these sanctions are essential in order to apply pressure on the entire country and to invoke change.

“I have always said travel can be the fastest path to peace, so it breaks my heart that it has come to this. If you are reading this and have the privilege to do so, please continue to be the shining light and get back out there and travel.”

“It’s only by connecting with other cultures that we can foster connection and understanding between different countries and communities.”

In a similar email, Explore said: “Since news broke of the invasion of Ukraine, we – like the rest of the nation, and the world – have been hugely concerned for the people of Ukraine and intent on helping in any way we can. We are in daily contact with our suppliers and partners, both in Russia and Ukraine, and supporting them wherever we can.

“We have decided to stop all sales of trips to Russia. We emphatically condemn Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, and stand with the Ukrainian people in the defence of their nation.”

It added: “We’re huge believers in the power of small group travel as a way to ensure that tourism brings benefit – both financially and culturally – to the places we visit.

“And, where we can do it safely and in a way that supports the communities we visit, we usually do it regardless of the regime in charge.”

Meanwhile, Royal Caribbean issued an updated statement to say: “With the recent events, we have made the decision to cancel our visits to St Petersburg, Russia on all summer 2022 itineraries.

“We have planned alternative ports and will communicate itinerary changes in the next few days to our guests and travel partners.”

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