Fundraiser launched to help tour op Nicky get a bionic hand

By Lisa James
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Staff at a West Sussex tour operation are asking people to donate to a fundraiser that will enable their colleague to get a life-changing bionic hand and end 20 years of pain.

Nicky Wilding needs around £80,000 for a Bebionic hand, one of the world’s most lifelike prosthetics, as well as further operations to reconstruct and restore nerve pathways.

The 44-year-old has suffered chronic pain for the last two decades after an accident on the A23 near Brighton when she had a tyre blowout at 70mph.

She damaged the nerves in her right hand and forearm and has undergone numerous muscle and nerve transplants, then had an elective amputation in 2017, followed by reconstructive surgery.

Nicky has already managed to raise £30,000, including taking on paratriathlon challenges,  but needs another £50,000.

She even went on BBC’s new show The Traitors – billed as the ‘ultimate reality game of trust and treachery’ – where 22 contestants battle it out to win £120,000. She hoped the winnings could go towards her operation.

Sadly, Nicky was booted off the show in the first week, but colleagues at Tropical Sky in East Grinstead say she’s done herself proud.

Managing Director Mike Collins said: “Everyone here is enormously proud of Nicky, and it was wonderful for us to see her on such a high-profile national TV show.

“She was robbed! We would have loved to see her go on to the later stages as she had such a lot to offer and the prize money would have been life-changing for her.

“Nicky has been through so much and is real inspiration to all of us here. We fully support her fundraising and hope that she will achieve her target before too long.”

Nicky, who works in accounts at the tour operator, said: “I was so fortunate and grateful to be selected. I think it was because when asked why I should be picked I told them that I had swum the Channel with only one arm!

“Being on the show was quite a challenge and really difficult at times as we were surrounded by strangers and didn’t know who to trust.

“I was gutted to be banished but seeing the next episodes, I wonder if it was a good thing. I’ve discovered I’m no good at strategic games and being conniving, but I’m a great team player and natural leader, I’m also rather assertive!”

To find out more about Nicky’s fundraising campaign, or to donate, click here.

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