Full-time nurse nets £105k of holiday bookings in 55 days

By Linsey McNeill
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A full-time nurse has made £105k of holiday bookings within 55 days of joining Not Just Travel.

The homeworking franchise said the unnamed NHS worker has started selling holidays to supplement her nurse’s salary.

She is one of more than 100 both full and part-time consultants to have signed up to NJT over the past 12 months.

Business Development Manager Paula Barker said: “I have never seen so many consultants be successful so quickly.”

Co-founder Paul Harrison added “We believe we probably have more new travel consultants join us each month than most other travel franchises have per year.”

He added; “With the current cost of living crisis, people want more income – and on their terms. The travel industry has truly bounced back and smart entrepreneurs recognise they can reap rewards providing they follow our business model and are prepared to work hard.

“Members are finishing their training one day, launching their Not Just Travel agency and booking thousands of pounds worth of holidays the next. 

“January holiday bookings broke records and we experienced the busiest Sunday in four years. Our members are profiting well from this travel boom, which looks set to continue for several months.”

Another NJT consultant, Lloydie Gardiner,bought a travel franchise when a road accident forced him to give up his job. He has recently sold £150,000-worth on holidays in two weeks.

“I’ve made £280,000 in sales in January and I’m also currently pricing up a big overseas wedding in the Maldives for 2024 which will be worth around £200,000,” he said.

Last year Lloydie turned over £1.3 million holidays and he expects a growth of at least 15% this year.

NJT said an increasing number of franchisees are working to top-up their incomes or pension pot. 

“We have seen an increasing number of franchisees join in order to save money for their retirement,” added Paul.

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