Friendly agents rush to offer sales reps hot desks and bacon butties

agents offer bacon butties
By Linsey McNeill
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Travel agents have come forward to offer tour operator sales reps spare desks, cups of tea and even bacon butties after hearing how many of them have nowhere to work when on the road.

Travel agent action group TARGET is compiling a list of agents willing to offer on-the-road reps a desk or even a spare room where they can catch up on emails and reply to phone messages during the day.

Two dozen agents from across the country have already come forward to offer sales reps, business development managers and regional managers spare desks or even spare rooms in their homes – and some have even offered to throw in a cuppa and a bacon butty – following a request posted on TARGET’s Facebook page.

TARGET co-founder Graeme Brett said: “A lot of the sales reps that visit us tend to have travelled around 100 miles from home, they are leaving home very early and getting back after 5pm so cannot wait till they get home to return calls.

“At the moment they tend to sit in their cars or find somewhere like Mcdonald’s that had wifi. However there are a lot of places where they cannot get wifi or strong phone signal.

“We have been having discussions with a number of business development managers/ sales representative/ regional managers from tour operators ‘on the road’ and we are trying to assist them.

“What we would like to do is compile a list of Travel Agencies that have a spare desk or spare room where they could spend up to an hour catching up on their messages and emails with a cup of tea.”

TARGET co-founder Jill Waite said: “If any travel agent has a spare room/desk please email us at [email protected]

“If they need to pre book the desk/room, please add the email they should use to contact you.”

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