France softens Sri Lanka travel warning, will UK follow?

By Linsey McNeill
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The French Government has relaxed its travel advice for Sri Lanka, despite the ongoing economic crisis.

Its revised travel advisory has been reduced from ‘only recommending essential travel’ to ‘exercise caution’.

French citizens are advised to remain vigilant, avoid any political gatherings and to travel on organised tours to ensure petrol supplies.

The UK Foreign Office has been advising against all non-essential travel to Sri Lanka since mid-May due to the economic crisis.

As a result, tour operators including TUI have suspended their programmes to the island.

The Foreign Office advice points out that there is an ongoing state of emergency in place. It adds: “There have been incidents involving violence against peaceful protesters in recent months, resulting in injuries and loss of life.

“Tear gas and water cannons have been used to disperse protesters. Protests, demonstrations, roadblocks and violent unrest could occur at short notice. Curfews and emergency regulations may also be imposed.

“Sri Lanka is experiencing a severe economic crisis which has led to shortages of basic necessities including medicines, cooking gas, fuel and food. There is a major shortage of fuel (diesel and petrol) affecting transport, businesses, and emergency services.”

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