France announces new entry test rules

By Lisa James
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France will introduce new testing requirements for people entering the country from 00:01 on Saturday.

All travellers – vaccinated or not – will require a negative COVID test in order to enter France from any country outside the EU or Schengen zone.

The testing requirements apply to everyone aged 12 or older – including those who have French citizenship or permanent residency in France.

The test must have been taken within 48 hours of departure.

According to a report in The Local, the new rule states that rapid-result antigen tests can only be used if they ‘are those that are able to detect protein N of Sars-Cov2’, which would rule out antigen tests from many countries at present.

Travel Gossip is awaiting further clarification on the type of test accepted.

All non-EU arrivals must also give a declaration on their honour that they accept that furthering testing can be performed on arrival in France.

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