Four people dead, 25 injured after beach club collapse in Majorca

Palma beach club collapse
By Linsey McNeill
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Authorities have confirmed that ‘many’ tourists were among the dead and injured after a beach club collapsed in Majorca.

Firefighters were still searching for people under the rubble late last night amid reports that 10 people were trapped.

So far, four people are known to have died and a further 25 are injured.

The terrace of the Medusa Beach Club in Playa de Palma caved in at around 8.20pm on Thursday.

Three women – including two German tourists – and a nightclub doorman from Senegal were killed.

The deceased man, Abdoulaye Diop, became a local hero in Palma in 2017 when he saved a drowning man, said The Sun.

A female friend of his who worked at the beach club is understood to be the fourth victim.

Among the injured, nine are seriously hurt and another seven suffered ‘very serious’ injuries.

Head of the Palma Fire Brigade Eder Garcia told The Sun: “There are several nationalities and what we know is that most are not from Palma.

“A lot of the names are foreign names but we don’t know yet whether they include staff who were working there or whether they were visitors, but we expect many will be tourists.”

It is believed the terrace collapsed due to excess weight, but an investigation to find the cause is still underway. An arch below the terrace also came down, crashing into the basement where people were eating.

Four days of mourning have been declared in Palma, according to the Majorca Daily Bulletin.

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