Former BDM secures new role in travel after recovering from life-threatening brain cancer

By Linsey McNeill
24/11/2021 3:40 pm
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Former business development manager Gary Hudson has landed a new job in the travel industry two years after being diagnosed with inoperable terminal brain cancer.

Gary was told in late 2019 that he had just six months to a year of life expectancy without treatment.

He was forced to leave the job he loved with luxury lifestyle company ASMALLWORLD to start treatment which included seven weeks of radiotherapy in London followed by a year of chemotherapy which, due to the pandemic, took two years.

Gary said he was devastated to leave the job he’d only started a few months earlier, having previously worked for Gray Dawes until 2017 when he’d ended up in hospital for nine months with sepsis after stepping on broken glass on a beach.

“I think I can say the last five years have been slightly traumatic,” he joked.

But Gary has now landed a new job with a luxury cruise and tour operator having been recently given the all-clear by doctors.

Apart from six-monthly MRI scans to keep the tumours under surveillance, he said he requires no further treatment unless there are signs of regrowth.

He posted his good news on Travel Gossip’s Facebook page ‘to show life is not all doom and gloom’ and said he has been ‘blown away’ by the support from the travel community.

His post has attracted 1,000 likes and more than 100 comments from well-wishers.

He expects to sign a contract with his new employer shortly, after which he’ll be able to reveal his new role.

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