Foreign Office warns of South Africa ‘smash and grab’ attacks

South Africa smash and grab warning
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Brits travelling to South Africa have been warned about ‘smash and grab’ attacks on vehicles.

Advice issued by the Foreign Office on Friday states that these attacks are mostly being carried out by individuals who may have been inspired by terrorist groups such as Daesh.

British travellers are warned that attacks could take place in popular tourist locations, such as in shopping areas in major cities.

As well as the ‘smash and grab’ attacks, the Foreign Office states that there is a risk of house robbery, rape, sexual assault and murder.

But it said the risk of visitors being attacked in the main tourist cities is generally low, adding that there is usually additional security personnel in the main tourist areas, who can provide assistance.

However, travellers are advised to remain vigilant as policing and security can be limited.

The advice states: “Violent crime can take place anywhere, including in tourist destinations and transport hubs.

“Most violent crimes occur in townships on the outskirts of major cities or in isolated areas.

“The threat is higher in central business districts of major cities than in suburban areas, and increases after dark.”

In order to protect their personal safety, Brits are advised not to have valuables on show and not to leave their cars where possible.

Additionally, Brits are encouraged to take safe and reliable public transport, be wary of people who approach them, not to walk around after dark and to always travel with friends.

When visiting a Township, tourists are advised only to do so with a trusted and reliable tour guide.

Tourists are warned that crime is also prevalent in and around the airports, including robbery and theft of baggage and valuables.

The Foreign Office states: “People have been followed from OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg to their destinations and then robbed, often at gunpoint.

“You should be careful when following GPS navigation. You should avoid taking alternative routes away from main roads as this can often take you into less secure areas.”

In order to stay safe around the airport, Brits are advised to only use main roads and highways when travelling there, to keep valuables in carry-on luggage, to vacuum pack luggage if possible and to consider being met by a tour operator on arrival.

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