Foreign Office updates Iceland advice after volcano erupts

By Lisa James
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The UK Foreign Office has issued another update for travellers to Iceland, following a volcanic eruption close to the capital Reykjavik and the country’s international airport.

The FCDO has updated its advice after ‘intense seismic activity’ on the Reykjanes Peninsula last week developed into a ‘volcanic fissure eruption’.

The FCDO’s advice on Tuesday morning, which said people should stay away from the area, was updated on Tuesday lunchtime to say: “On 5 July 2023 Reykjanes Peninsula began experiencing intense seismic activity.

“A volcanic fissure eruption started 10 July. The area is closed to the public. Do not attempt to visit the site until such time the authorities assess it is safe to do so.

“Drivers should not stop on Reykjanesbraut (Route 41 between Reykjavik and Keflavik International Airport) unnecessarily in order to view the eruption. You may be fined by police for doing so.

“Those in the Rekjanes, Reykjavik and Snaefellsness peninsula have been advised to keep their windows closed at night and turn air conditioning off because of air quality.

“The public should monitor the Ambient Air Quality updates on the Icelandic Environment Agency’s website for further details.”

The FCDO added the emergency services in Iceland can be contacted on 112.

Traffic at Reykjavik’s international Keflavik airport has not been disrupted, according to the airport’s website.

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