Foreign Office issues warning to tourists in Egypt’s Red Sea resorts

By Lisa James
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The UK Foreign Office has updated its advice to travellers to Egypt, warning of reports of sexual assaults in holiday resorts.

The update warns Brits to use ‘reputable’ excursion providers and advises women not to let hotel staff into their room when they are on their own.

The FCDO said: “There are a number of sexual assaults reported to the British Embassy, including cases involving minors.

“The majority of cases that have been reported took place in tourist resorts in the Red Sea region, often committed by someone the victim had already met, including hotel workers and excursion staff. 

“There have also been reports of hotel staff discouraging incidents being reported to local police.

“Female travellers should exercise caution when travelling alone, particularly at night, in buses, taxis and microbuses.

“If you are travelling on public transport including microbuses, avoid being the last passenger left on board.”

The FCDO added holidaymakers should take extra precautions, including using reputable providers for services and excursions, not letting hotel staff enter rooms when women are alone and making sure ‘children and young people are always accompanied by known and trusted people and not left alone with hotel or excursion staff’.

Other advice includes avoiding sharing personal contact or social media details, not travelling in taxis alone, or, if they can’t avoid being alone, using live location on WhatsApp.

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