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By Linsey McNeill
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The Foreign Office has updated its travel advice for Israel to warn of an increased threat of terrorist attacks.

It said the warning was issued due to heightened tensions in Gaza, adding that terrorists are ‘very likely’ to carry out attacks in Israel and the the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

“Attacks could be indiscriminate, including in crowded areas, government, military and police installations and against personnel, transportation networks, businesses with Western interests,” it added.

“Areas where foreign nationals and tourists are known to gather may be at higher risk of attack. You should be particularly vigilant in these areas and follow any specific advice of the local security authorities.

“Be vigilant, monitor media reports and keep up to date with this travel advice. Make sure you are familiar with contact details for the emergency services (in Israel – dial 100; in the West Bank and Gaza – dial 101).

“Heightened tensions, brought about by rocket attacks from Gaza into Israel and Israeli airstrikes on Gaza, have greatly increased the risk of retaliatory terrorist attacks in Israel. You should remain vigilant at all times.”

Recent incidents include the stabbing of three Israelis on 5 May and the fatal shooting of two Israelis in Tel Aviv in April.

The Foreign Office is not warning against travel to Israel, but it is warning British citizens to avoid Gaza, Sheba’a Farms and Ghajjar and the area within 500m of the border with Lebanon east of Metula. It is also advising against non-essential travel to areas north of and including Jenin city, Burqin and Arranah in the north of the West Bank.

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