Foreign Office issues new advice for travel to Spain

By Linsey McNeill
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The Foreign Office has issued new advice for travel to Spain after the country announced earlier this week that it had ditched its health control form.

Visitors from outside the EU, including the UK, no longer need to fill out the Spain travel health form, regardless of their vaccination status. The SpTH portal and app, where visitors previously accessed the form, are no longer operational.

However, the Foreign Office makes it clear that all other entry restrictions remain when travelling to Spain.

It says that visitors from the UK from the age of 12 must be fully vaccinated or take a negative COVID test, unless they have proof they’ve recovered from COVID within the previous six months.

The Foreign Office warns that visitors ‘may be subject to additional checks at the point of entry, including a temperature check, visual health assessment, or testing on arrival’.

Travel Gossip understands that spot checks of people’s vaccination certificates and COVID tests are being carried out at Spanish airports. Posts on social media suggest some airports are checking virtually all arrivals, while others are carrying out random but regular checks.

COVID restrictions for arrivals from outside the EU are expected to remain at least until 15 November.

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