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By Harry Kemble
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Here’s Travel Gossip’s roundup of five things we learned in travel this week:

1 We’ve all experienced a bump or two on a flight, but these TUI passengers were offered counselling when their plane landed in ‘awful’ turbulence during stormy weather.

2 Good news for travellers flying into England from mainland China from next month after the government announced it was relaxing the requirement to show a negative pre-departure test.

3 Agents selling Jet2holidays will be delighted to tell their customers the UK’s largest operator is bringing back this free service.

4 A tourism board was forced to apologise for a rebranding campaign that sexualised a city’s name. Social media users described the campaign as ‘misogynistic’. ‘juvenile’ and ‘racist’.

5 Finally, looking for something to watch this weekend? Agents’ favourite TV show Race Across the World season three started on Wednesday. Episode one is available on BBC iPlayer.

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