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By Linsey McNeill
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Travel Gossip’s weekly roundup of the things we learned about the UK travel industry this week:

1 If you stand immediately below an aircraft when it’s coming in to land, you should expect to lose at least your hat, possibly your head, especially if Wizz Air’s pilot has decided to scare the c**p out of plane-spotters that day.

2 Don’t insult travel agents if you want their business. Enough said.

3 London Stansted, once arguably the capital’s least favourite airport (is it even in London?) could see families flocking to its check-in desks this half-term

4 We could be flying to New York again in less than four hours and to Miami in less than five before the end of the decade. That’s if we can afford business class.

5 The trend towards lockdown puppies is causing a headache for agents as clients who find their perfect holiday don’t commit until they’ve checked with their dog sitter.

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