Fire breaks out at Bristol Airport car park

By Lisa James
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A fire at Bristol Airport’s car park destroyed five vehicles and caused flight delays on Sunday.

The blaze broke out in the Silver Zone car park on Sunday morning, and Avon Fire and Rescue Service said 11 cars were on fire, five of which were ‘completely destroyed’.

The runway was closed briefly, with minor delays to flights.

Sky News shared a video of the fire. A spokesperson told the news channel a parked vehicle had caught fire in the open-air car park.

“The fire spread to a small number of vehicles,” the spokesperson said.

“There were no injuries, and the fire was quickly put out by the emergency services.”

The spokesperson said it is contacting the owners of cars that were damaged.

It’s the second fire to break out at an airport car park in two months. In October, a huge fire at Luton Airport Terminal Car Park 2 caused 200 flights to be cancelled, 1,400 cars to be destroyed, and meant the car park had to be demolished.

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