Fight to save DSA continues, despite legal challenge setback

By Lisa James
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An application for a Judicial Review into Peel Group’s decision to close Doncaster Sheffield Airport has been refused, but campaigners say the fight’s still not over.

Doncaster Council applied last week for a Judicial Review, arguing Peel Group hadn’t left enough time for a buyer to make a realistic offer before the airport closed.

Mayor of Doncaster Ros Jones said today: “Although the court’s judgement found that much of the council’s submission had merit, unfortunately it has determined that we do not have the ability to ensure that the airport remains open.”

Mayor Jones added: “Whilst I am disappointed in this decision, we knew we had to test Peel’s decision legally and although the judge’s decision has not fallen on our side, we do not regret taking this to court.

“We have to use every legal tool at our disposal and this was one of them.”

However, she acknowledged the judicial review ‘in itself would not have saved the airport’ as it could not have compelled Peel to reverse its decision to close.

She confirmed the council will now progress in its bid to obtain a Compulsory Purchase Order of the site.

And she said talks between Peel and investors are still ongoing.

She added: “Doncaster Sheffield Airport can and should be a success and I remain committed to the fight!

“I hope that the Peel Group will reach a deal with the interested purchasers, but in the event that this does not happen then, I have instructed Doncaster Council officers to now focus their efforts on the preparation for a CPO of the airport site.

“There is significant backing for this course of action, with cross party support by Doncaster councillors, local and regional MPs and also the business community with the latest South Yorkshire Quarterly Economic Survey showing 68% in favour of a CPO and only 7% against.

“My thoughts as always are with those people who are losing their jobs as a result of Peel’s actions and decisions – it did not have to be like this. We will continue to fight for DSA.”

Campaigners held a #saveDSA Twitter storm on Thursday at 8pm, urging Peel to ‘take the deal’ and accept the offer from potential investors.

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