Fake ‘beach closed’ signs appear around Majorca in bid to fool British holidaymakers

By Lisa James
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Unhappy islanders on Majorca are attempting to keep English-speaking tourists away from beaches by putting up fake signs that say the beauty spots are closed.

Signs have appeared close to the entrance to popular beaches warning, for example, of the danger of falling rocks and landslides, or advising tourists that swimming is not allowed.

One sign has the words ‘Beach Closed’ in English, next to a ‘no swimming’ sign. Another warns of jellyfish, while another wrongly says the beach is a three-hour walk away, when it is less than 100 metres.

Underneath the English wording, messages tell Catalan speakers ‘Platia Oberta’ (Beach Open).

Under an image of a swimmer surrounded by jellyfish, one of the signs has wording in Catalan saying: “Open beach. Not to jellyfish or foreigners.”

Another tells locals there is no landslide, but that the danger is due to overcrowding.

The signs are the work of an anti-capitalist activist group, Manacor Caterva, which wants to highlight ‘mass tourism’ in the campaign, which is says is done with ‘humour’.  

In a statement given to the Majorca Daily Bulletin, Manacor Caterva said it is warning of problems caused from ‘tourist overcrowding’.

The signs have appeared at entrances to beaches at Cala Morlanda, Es Calo, Cala Petita, Porto Cristo, Cala Murta, Cala Magraner and Cala Bota and Manacor Caterva says it plans to continue its campaign.

In a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, the group wrote: “If you want to use the images and print posters you just have to ask us and we will send them to you in good quality. Let’s continue the fight!”

The Balearic Islands Tourist Board told Travel Gossip: “Any false or misleading signs which do not comply with the local regulations will be removed by the local police.”

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