Eurostar may have to suspend London-Amsterdam service for a year

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By Lisa James
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Eurostar trains from London to Amsterdam may stop running for almost a year in 2024.

Dutch media reports that Infrastructure Minister Vivianne Heijnen has warned no Eurostar trains will be able to run to or from Amsterdam Centraal, the capital’s main station, from June 2024 until as late as May 2025, while it is renovated.

Planned work on the international terminal at Centraal station involves demolishing existing facilities used to conduct passport and security checks.

Rotterdam Centraal is not a financially viable option because only 160 passengers are allowed to board the train there due to post-Brexit constraints, The Independent reports.

A Eurostar spokesperson told The Independent: “We have been led to believe that the Eurostar Amsterdam-Route is at risk of being discontinued for an indefinite period as of April next year.

“The potential proposal to move the Dutch departure/arrival lounge from Amsterdam to Rotterdam is not viable due to capacity and safety reasons.

“Should this be the only option offered by the Ministry, Eurostar Group will be left with no choice but to stop its Amsterdam-London route.

“This decision comes as we have just celebrated the fifth anniversary of the route, one of the most popular international rail services among passengers seeking efficient and eco-friendly ways to travel across Europe.”

On Monday, Eurostar Chief Executive Gwendoline Cazenave imet with the Infrastructure Minister to see if there is a way to ensure continuation of the service, which operates four trains each way between the UK and Dutch capitals.

After the meeting, Eurostar said: “All parties have agreed to keep working together to find a solution/compromise that will allow Eurostar to continue to welcome travellers in Amsterdam Centraal, and thus offer a direct high-speed rail service between Amsterdam and London.”

Ms Cazenave said: “We are convinced we will together find a suitable solution to allow a direct service between Amsterdam, Rotterdam and London.

“Eurostar is fully committed to playing a role in the Dutch sustainability policy by continuing to offer a green travel alternative to its Dutch customers.”

The meeting took place on the day Eurostar operated its final London-Disneyland Paris service.

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