EU close to recognising NHS COVID app as proof of vaccination

By Steve Jones
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The EU is close to confirming it will accept the NHS COVID pass as proof of vaccination, in a development that should solve any remaining issues for British tourists travelling in Europe.

While most key holiday hotspots are recognising the NHS app, it isn’t accepted as proof of vaccination for travel to some destinations, including Portugal, and Brits have reported problems in other European countries, such as Italy.

Reports emerged last month that British tourists have experienced difficulties entering bars and restaurants in parts of Italy, while issues have also emerged in the Czech Republic, Latvia and Hungary.

However, according to reports in The Guardian, the EU is within days of formally accepting the NHS COVID pass as proof of vaccination.

The publication cited Brussels sources as saying an agreement could be reached by the end of the month following ‘significant progress’ surrounding the technical tie-ups of the systems.

It would mean the EU recognising the NHS app as equivalent to its own digital pass.

The Government initially applied to link up to the EU’s digital certificate on 28 July but was told by the European Commission that extra technical information would be required.

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