Entire plane cheers off-duty flight attendant who steps in after colleague falls ill

By Lisa James
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An off-duty Jet2 flight attendant received a standing ovation when she stepped in to make up crew numbers – ensuring holidaymakers were able to fly home.

Passengers checking in to the flight from Malta to Manchester on Sunday morning were initially told there was a delay to their departure because one of the cabin crew had fallen ill.

Staff then asked for 30 volunteers to give up their seats so the airline could adhere to a new crew-passenger ratio before it could take off.

Up stepped an off-duty flight attendant called Sue Davison, who was returning home from her own holiday with her family, who offered to make up the crew numbers.

A customer on the flight took to social media to say: “A passenger who happened to be a Jet2 crew member on holiday in Malta waiting to board the flight kindly stepped in and volunteered to work the flight home, much to the great relief and appreciation of all the passengers, who gave her a standing ovation.

 “Without Sue volunteering, none of us would have got home.

“Huge, huge appreciation for this lady (not forgetting how much money she saved Jet2). I hope she is richly rewarded,” the passenger added.

Another said: “A crew member who was returning from holiday stepped up and offered to help and enabled us to return on the flight. She received a round of applause, but I just really wanted to thank her. Just shows what lovely staff you have Jet2.”

A Jet2 spokesperson said: “We would like to say a huge thanks to our colleague Sue for stepping in to help as she returned from her own holiday.

“Sue’s actions show how committed our colleagues are when it comes to looking after our customers.

“As an award-winning airline, we are extremely proud of our colleagues who, like Sue, continue to work tirelessly to look after customers.”

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