Eight Brits face trial over alleged Majorca hotel food poisoning scam

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Eight Britons are facing trial over a food poisoning scam that allegedly convinced tourists in Majorca to make fake claims against hotels in order to get compensation.

The alleged racket reportedly led to three hotel groups on the island being swindled out of £9.5 million.

Essex-born former Magaluf bar owner Laura Joyce, charged under her maiden name Cameron, and her brother Marc Cameron Grimstead are accused of being the ringleaders, the Sun reports.

Five other Brits were allegedly paid on commission to get tourists’ details and encourage them to make claims, while a UK-based businessman processed them.

The newspaper says an investigating court accused the pair of forming a ‘profit-motivated organised gang’ with the other suspects through a Spanish company they called Elite Project Marketing SL.

The ring-leaders have been charged with fraud and membership of a criminal gang and face at least eight years in jail if they are proven to have defrauded more than €400,000.

They, along with the other six, named as Ryan Bridges; Simon Robert Flanagan; Tegan Jewel Sumerlee; Susan Amanda Lyle, Nicola Marie Sanderson; and Peter Carl Murphy, all face trial. A trial date has yet to be fixed.

A six-page ruling issued by a court in Majorca said: “The gang specialised in obtaining the details of British tourists in all-inclusive hotels in Majorca it convinced, through a form they themselves elaborated, to falsely claim they had been ill during their stay in one of those hotels and be able to claim compensation in the UK.”

The alleged scam is said to have been carried out between 2016 and 2017.

Laura Joyce/Cameron was arrested in September 2017 and admitted to passing on the names and phone numbers of holidaymakers for payment but said it was for market research.

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